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A number plate is the unique identity numbers and letters attached to all vehicles registered in the UK for use in the road.
Since 1904, all vehicles manufactured were issued with an number  plate by law. You can verify any UK used car registered and check vehicle identity records, just enter the vehicle registration number above and see the vehicle identity displayed on your monitor.  Check your number plate !


Check Number Plate provides a vehicle check service that enables the user to verify all of the information held on car check databases in the UK via associating the number plate being checked against the records held on various motoring databases.
A number plate check is an imperative part of buying a used car, in the interest of beating vehicle fraud and preventing stolen, scrapped or written off cars being sold to unsuspecting private buyers.
Check number plate details for free with us before buying ANY used vehicle.
If you are not satisfied with the information you discover, then do NOT go ahead with the transaction.
UK car fraud is still on the increase regardless of technology and anti-theft prevention so when you check number plate details, you could be avoiding any future nasty surprises.
Written off vehicles are being restored and put back on the road, stolen cars are being sold to unsuspecting private buyers, scrapped cars are being repaired and the amount of cars that are having their mileage doctored is also increasing.
When you look at all the risks
Outstanding Finance
Stolen Vehicle
Mileage Tampering
You can only then appreciate the serious nature of the risk attached to buying a used car without carrying out a Number Plate Check. When you check number plate details with our online number plate checker, you will receive a full, fast report online and a copy emailed to the address you register.
From only £2.99, would you prefer to trust a seller?
Enter ANY registration number in the above box NOW and make sure the used vehicle you are buying is free from any issues that could cost you dear!
A number plate check is the first vehicle identity check you should carry out before purchasing ANY used vehicle. It is a quick, easy and free vehicle check and you can do this by entering the UK registration number of ANY vehicle into the check number plate panel above.
The information you will receive for free from Check Number Plate is the vehicle data stored with DVLA and should match the vehicle you are checking.
It is the responsibility of the buyer of a vehicle to verify any issues prior to buying, no the seller prior to selling!
Any changes made to a vehicle that alter the appearance, performance, ownership or registration number must be notified to DVLA by law, so your number plate check should verify the identity and the basic information.
If any of the information is incorrect, further investigations should be carried out before purchasing the vehicle.
Check Number Plate allows you to check ANY vehicle number plate /  registration number, from a commercial vehicle to a car or motorbike, make it your FIRST check before parting with cash for any used vehicle.
Some sellers will do a number plate check on their own vehicles prior to selling, so you may be lucky enough to get a report on the history of the vehicle prior to buying it, but inevitably, it is up to the buyer to carry out check number plate details. With little protection for the private buyer, you stand the risk of not only losing your money, but also losing the vehicle.
Did you realise you can check whether there is any outstanding finance / third party interest on a vehicle if you check number plate details?
Whilst each number plate is only relevant to the vehicle it is related to, number plate theft is common. Number plates are often stolen and fitted to other vehicles to be used for criminal purposes, such as robbery, fuel drive-offs and many other offences where vehicle identity masking is advantageous to the perpetrators getting away from the scene unidentified.
You can also check number plate details to verify whether the vehicle has been reported stolen, scrapped or even written off!
Make sure you do a number plate check and verify the details before you make ANY purchase!